Digimon X V-pet

So I've had my Digimon X probably since April. Just recently I changed the battery, since the one that came with the V-pet lasted like, two or three days. Started out with Putamon, which digivolved to Tokomon X. For the rookie stage, I got Herrismon. I don't like the sprite very much, but Herrismon itself is kinda cute. Next, Herrismon digivolved to Damemon. I thought he looked like a poop swirl so I wasn't a super big fan of it.

My thoughts on Digimon Survive

About a month ago, I was at my local GameStop to pick up some eShop cards for my switch, with the intention of getting Digimon World:Next Order. Normally when I go in, I go check out what other games they have on the shelves. Now before this, I had considered which Digimon game I wanted to get. Digimon Survive was actually at the bottom of my list.